Dear Victim, Please Don’t Become The One Who Hurt You

Dear Victim,

What you went through was not your fault. It wasn’t even because of you personally. The one who abused, abandoned or neglected you…they didn’t do it because of anything wrong with you. They did it because they felt they had to project their insecurities onto someone – the unhealed parts of them that they are too scared to acknowledge.

You were innocent and didn’t expect to be treated that way by someone you trusted. It didn’t even cross your mind that someone was capable of such evil and cruel intentions.

But, please…. Do not become the one who hurt you.

I know it’s so tempting to say, “Screw it, I’m going to create a thick shell and be on the attack, so they never get to me without me getting to them first.”

This kind of mindset swallowed me for two decades. It stole any bit of inner peace and love I had. It slowly ate away at my self esteem until I was left feeling completely empty and isolated.

If this is where you find yourself going or are right now, I want to you to know that there is a way out of that hell. It might not seem like there’s any hope. You might not see the slightest rays of light at the end of this dark lonely tunnel … but dear one, there is an exit.

There’s no magic pill. But, there’s something better, longer lasting. It’s Self Awareness – connecting with your True Self.

The False Self doesn’t want you to move forward. It thrives on the fact that you’re unable to cope with your pain in a healthy way, and move on. For, if you stopped dwelling on how nothing will ever change, you might actually step out of the familiar nightmare that you’ve learned to call home.

The False Self cannot survive if you discover your Inner Healer, your True Self. It would be annihilated because it depends on you choosing an existence of constant pain, only relieved by an isolating emptiness, at times.

You do have a choice.

The Universe



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